Panasonic KX-TD816 and KX-TD1232 control units go through versions 7. The unit version number is usually marked with a number with a circle on it at the bottom of the unit either beside or on the product’s serial number. If it doesn’t have a sticker, then it’s probably a version 0.

KX-TD1232 Revision ROM Chip Information:

Any version of the KX-TD1232 above version 0 will integrate with DPD software.

Version 0:

Version 1 Adds:

Version 2 Adds:
Increased processing speed in preparation for version three. No new features.

Version 3 Adds:

Version 4 Adds:

Version 5 Adds:

Version 6 Adds:

Version 7 Adds:
The Version 7 comes with one KX-TD193 4-line caller ID card already installed by Panasonic. Our version 7 will be shipped to you with a Caller ID card installed and enabled.