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Polycom SoundStation 2 EX and Non-EX Conference Phone – Refurbished

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Quick Overview

Polycom SoundStation 2 Conference Phone (P/N 2201-16000-601, 2201-16000-001) can cover a 10ft radius and is a great solutions for medium size conference rooms.

The Expandable Polycom SoundStation 2 EX (P/N 2201-16200-601, 2201-16200-001) has two ports for external microphones to expand conferencing capacity by more than 50% (sold separately) thus making it an excellent and cost-effective solution for larger conference rooms.

NON-EXPANDABLE-CANNOT add microphones.
EXPANDABLE- Can add microphones
**Microphones sold separately**

Polycom SoundStation 2 and SoundStation 2 EX Conference Phone

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  • Polycom SoundStation 2 and SoundStation 2 EX Conference Phone


Polycom Conference Phones are the top conference phones on the market today. SoundStation 2 Polycom offers a 50% increase in microphone sensitivity over the original Sound Station! A normal speaking voice at 3 feet is approximately 60 decibels. This speaker can easily amplify the speaking voice to 75 decibels at 3 feet. Busy street traffic, a garbage disposal or an alarm clock is between 70 to 80 decibels. The sound is so crisp on the SoundStation2 it sounds like the person is in the room with you. The SoundStation 2 EX gives you the option of extending your coverage by at least 15 feet with 2 optional microphones (sold separately).You can read more about our experience with the Sound Station2 below.

Polycom Conference Phone (SoundStation 2 and SoundStation 2 EX) Compatibility

The SoundStation 2 and SoundStation2EX Polycom will work on a single-line analog landline that's typical to most households. Most analog or digital hybrid systems can also operate these conference phones. We offer easy to follow step-by-step instructions that are geared towards people without a technical background.

**If you are unsure whether this Polycom will work on your system, try a single-line telephone on any extension (you will have to dial 9 to get an outside line). If the single-line phone works, then so will the Polycom. If it doesn't work then you are using either a digital or IP connection. Polycom makes a couple of IP phones and digital phones for specific phone systems, otherwise you may try a digital to analog converter like Konexx Konnector.

SoundStation 2EX and SoundStation2 Polycom Features
* Full duplex operation (simultaneous two-way conversation)
* Backlit Display
* Easy plug and play installation
* Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR)
* 360-Degree Microphone Coverage and Intelligent Mixing
* Cellphone connectivity (this feature requires a separate cable that is sold separately)
* Echo cancellation/background noise reduction
* Standard analog telephone jack
* Includes Power Supply
* Range: 10 feet

Our Personal Experience with the SoundStation 2 (EX) Conference Phone:
We were extremely impressed with the SoundStation2 phones when we first bought one. The sound quality is so good that our family dog, who had never before responded to voices over the phone, was fooled into thinking that our daughter was in the same room! We decided to buy them for hard of hearing family members.  Since the volume can be increased, the conversations flows more easily.  We all enjoy using it during family reunions to connect with those who are unable to attend.

In the Box: 1 Polycom SoundStation 2 (2201-16000-601, 2201-16000-001) or SoundStation 2 EX( 2201-16200-601, 2201-16200-001), Wall Module (P/N 2201-16020-001 or 2201-16020-601) and Ethernet Cable and Phone Cord

Product Condition Category Description for the Refurbished Polycom SoundStation 2 Conference Phone.

All phones come with a 90-Day Warranty.

#1.5 - LOOKS NEW: It was treated extremely well and looks new. The product has been tested and everything works perfectly. All parts are included.

#2  - NEARLY NEW:  Any surface wear will be minimal.  So minor that a casual observer may even mistake it for a new phone!  The product has been tested and everything works perfectly. Includes Power Supply

#3 - GENTLE USE:   The product looks gently used and will have surface wear/scratches reflecting daily gentle usage. Looks like you may have received it from a friend or co-worker. The product has been tested and everything works perfectly. Includes Power Supply

#4 - NORMAL USE:  This product will have obvious surface wear/scratches/smudges due to clear normal daily usage. It may also have wear on the LCD (but the LCD will still be clearly readable).  It has been tested and everything works perfectly. All parts are included.

#5 - HEAVY USE: It is fully functional but is obviously used and will have scratches and paint wear from heavy daily use.  The plastic case that covers the speaker areas may also have chipping, but does not impact sound/voice quality.  The product has been tested and everything works perfectly. Includes Power Supply.

Additional Information

Compatible With: Analog Phone System
Product Manual/Brochure Polycom Soundstation2 EX Manual, SoundStation2 Set Up
Brand Polycom
Phone Series SoundStation2 Conference Phones
Model SoundStation2 and SoundStation2 EX
MPN 2201-16200-601, 2201-16200-601
Color Black: